EU debate and race equality: you decide!

Operation Black Vote, Voice for Change England and Black South West Network present a European Referendum debate on Race Equality.

We live in communities. Communities of different kinds. From our neighborhoods – Easton, Lawrence Hill, St Paul's, to our city – Bristol.

Last weekend we elected a new mayor, a new council. People had their say and a change was made. Democracy in action?  However, our lives are shaped by forces beyond the city walls. Our government make laws that affect us – from changing the NHS to cutting social security. Beyond the borders of our nation, the EU, however distant it may feel, also take decisions that impact us all. The way we have a voice in those decisions is to get informed, to have a say and to vote.

So let's come together, with our new mayor, councillors and other elected representatives to discuss and debate the future we want to see. Part of that future will be shaped by whether we stay or leave the EU.

Let's find out why. And register to vote. And decide. And be heard.

This is an opportunity to be informed and network over light refreshment.

Date: Thursday 26th May, 6.00pm – 8.30pm

Venue: M Shed, Prince Wharf, Wapping Rd Bristol BS1 4RN

The event is also supported by Up Our Street, Babassa Inc , Hope Not Hate and Somali Forum

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